Would you like to know more about your customers? 

Easily, quickly, cheaply?

(hint: the answer's yes)

Causeway Intelligence helps you to be better:

better customer services, better products, better marketing, better impact, better income. 

We do this by providing direct actionable insight, which comes from digital research surveys, designed exclusively for you. 

This means we run super-smart, effective surveys from customers, audiences, stakeholders - whoever you want to know about - we decipher what it means for you, and tell you, frankly, how you can make things better. 

Some example of our writing, in different areas, are:


(hint: it's quite simple)

Design & deliver RESEARCH

Analyse & produce


Use insights to be BETTER

our offer is simple

  • We work with you to understand your business

  • We design and write a digital survey

  • We send the survey out

  • We collect the data from 100 respondents

  • We analyse the responses

  • We provide you with actionable insight - directly relevant to your company, for your processes, development and profits

It normally takes about a week to deliver.

our fees are simple (and modest) 


We have one low fee for our standard offer


We keep our standard offer fees low by:

  • limiting the number of respondents

  • limiting survey length

  • using digital only surveys

  • Running everything ourselves

  • Being fast

  • Being world-class at writing surveys

  • The ability to choose lots of extras from our options menu (if you want a longer survey, for example)

Clients, customers and people who have benefitted from straightforward, accessible research and insight


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