We have one price - you can add to it as you see fit. No hard sell, no pressure.  

Standard price

This is our main offer. A standardised survey price, for which you get:

Set up


Online Survey to 100 respondents






£2000 (+VAT)


Optional extras

Other respondents

If you need respondents from a panel (i.e. not your own customer database) then we need to source them, this a cost per respondent, and varies depending on the respondent profile you want. 

200 respondents

This adds analysis time, so there is an extra charge of £250.

Bigger than 'normal' survey

A standard survey takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete; the best time limit to avoid respondent fatigue. We can go to 10 minutes if you want to ask more questions; for an extra charge of £250.

Specialist data analysis

We can happily add this to the offer, but useful data analysis doesn't come cheap. Bespoke pricing.

Face to Face meetings

We present our analysis and insight in a slide deck, which we share electronically. We are very happy to come to meetings, to present to your board or relevant team, and to work face to face.

Day rate £325 + expenses. 

Specialist marketing planning

We can take this research and insight into the development of comprehensive marketing plans; this can cover messaging, look and feel, outreach and PR, inbound and outbound advice and guidance. Bespoke pricing.


As qualified copywriters, Causeway Intelligence can support the production of Press Releases, blogs, web copy, brochures and marketing materials, product description and more. 

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