Once we have the research output - we can call it Data - but it's not the same as Data, in that modern 'Data means numbers' way. Then the fun begins. We will analyse the output; we use some straightforward analytical techniques - a little bit of quant (numbers) and a lot of qual (words). This gives us the analysis, we know what people are saying, if there are general trends, if there are some interesting outliers (areas where individual respondents have said things that dont; agree with most of the others), how they have responded to whatever we have asked them, or shown them (video, websites, images). 

The trick, then, is to answer that ever-present question of 'so what?'

This is where years of research experience come into play. We can make the responses actually mean something for your organisation. It can be anything from a minor tweak of your language, up to a full scale rebrand, or a new strategy for your buyers. Whatever it is, you can be sure we consult with you about it, to make sure it is actionable insight. i.e. its stuff you can use - if you want to. 

The answer then, is 'I can use this'. 

Examples of some Insight:

We worked for oomph agency to deliver insight for an global Accounting Software brand. 

We surveyed SME owners who were either users or non-users of a particular brand of software, and were all aware of productivity software. 


The analysis showed a trend towards different kinds of users having different preferences and organisational set ups.  The analysis further showed strong loyalty to old styles of accounting such as excel and spreadsheets, but once they had switched over, almost all users saw the switch as beneficial.


Our insight suggested the software brand needed to change their messaging to attract these 'older' non-users, and build a campaign around the benefits of switching - whilst respecting the accumulated knowledge and experience of older business owners.


As a result the software company considered a different approach to their marketing, and segmentation. 

Working with an international Opticians brand, we were asked to uncover the differences between two marketing products; which had the same messages, but of which the new one, full of excellent design, was actually performing less well at attracting existing customers into stores for eye tests, across Ireland.  

We a straightforward survey, including images of the two designs, with functionality for respondents to leave copy on the images themselves, as well as running an A/B test (comparing one thing with another). . 


Results showed a different response to the two designs, but only after we drilled down into the qualitative statements that had been left on the images. 


Our insight suggested the opticians needed to take their new design, but incorporate that with the old style, to make it more like a letter from a store manager direct to a customer, with specific call to action in the letter. 

The result was a definite upturn in customers coming in to the stores in Ireland, and hence better footfall and income. 

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