For us, and our clients, research is about gathering opinions, thoughts, responses, reactions and measurements.


Don't waste your hard earned money on research when what you want is data: interpret Google Analytics, collect your performance data from your internal systems, measure stuff, build a dashboard.

The benefits of research are all about improving your decision making, which will bring you better systems, and ultimately a better return on your investment. . 

Research with Causeway Intelligence is about quick, easy and cost effective. We work with you to understand your business, and what you know about your customers, or what you'd like to know from people who aren't yet customers (lets call them prospects). 

We can decide between us who we want to ask. Then we'll build you a survey which will gather the information we want from these respondents. The survey will produce an URL, which we can then share with respondents.

If you have a customer database with email addresses, and that you have permission from, then that we can send them the survey link. If you don't have this, or we decide between us that we want to get the view of non-customers, then we can use a panel. We have to pay for this, which can be annoying, and it's not that cheap - about £5 for respondents with no filters, so we'd recommend about 100, as this is 'only' £500(ish) on top of our costs. 

We limit the numbers of respondents to any survey with our standard pricing. As the analysis can take considerably longer, and longer means more costs for you. 

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