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Everyone’s can write a survey, right? 


This is true - up to a point. But  does it work. Does it understand how to ask the right questions, to get the answers you can work with.

Is it a survey that drives actionable insight. A survey that promote your brand, without running foul of research ethics, a survey that people will be happy to respond to? Ours are.  


So, you've got a load of words and opinions. That's where we come in, analysing these valid opinions, to unearth the insight that you can use. Seeing how people understand what you do, and how you can be better. 

We love getting out in the field and chatting to people. Nowadays, of course, this is much more about online. Online surveys, online chats, online focus groups. 

Bespoke research

To us this is the key element of what we do, and what makes us different. 

We focus entirely on delivering the WHAT. This means no one can say SO WHAT? 

Research always throws up lots of interesting things. The trick is knowing what can make a difference, and what is simply interesting

Do you need to grab someone’s attention, or do you need to provide more information to someone who’s already interested? It all depends on your audience. We can bring the right research to support your pitch - for funding, for a new client, for a tender. We know how to get the right evidence to help you win.   

You need specialist solutions for the multiple needs that research has to deliver: 

  • UX testing and reports,

  • Start up research

  • Market sizing

  • Charity funding needs

  • Research for marketing

  • Research for blogging and customer engagement

  • Research for loyalty

  • Net Promote Scores

  • Book and product reviews 


We are entirely flexibility.We are confident that you can trust us to deliver.

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