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Causeway Intelligence is a research company, it's Director is Dr David Land (Dave to everyone, except perhaps his Aunt), who has tons of experience, and is an all round good egg, along with being a Certified Member of the Market Research Society. Added to this is a stint at the Office for National Statistics, which really honed his survey question writing. 

Causeway Intelligence started life inside the voluntary sector, researching ground-breaking topics such as young carers, rural economy, cancer care, the voluntary sector. Our non-profit clients loved what we did, so they asked us to help them with lots of different research, and then their insight, (and then their press releases!). This caught the eye of the private sector, who also liked our style and commitment; getting immersed in research that could help them to build customer relationships.


Today we have a company that offers fast, efficient insight to help all our clients to be better. We are built on strong principles, a passion for research, and a commitment to building trust for all our clients.


Dave released early on that the market research field was way too complex, not to mention costly, for most small and medium businesses. The important thing for most clients was what they could do with the outputs, not the complex methodology and bewildering layers of jargon that kept the barriers up and the exclusivity high. However, set against this has been the growth of tools like Survey Monkey. Anyone with a laptop can build a survey and send it to everyone on their database - with no concerns about the reputational damage, the poor responses, or the bewildering questions that respondents cannot answer, let alone the lack of use to the business. 

Causeway Intelligence offers a middle ground between these two extremes. A standard offer, built on knowing the right level of detail to collect, analyse and interpret to be able to say meaningful things to your organisation. There is also a bespoke offer, which some clients want once they start to see the added value of research and insight. 

Ultimately, all we’re interested in is helping you to be better; make better, clearer, decisions, use resources more wisely, engage your customers more thoroughly, tell your very best story, and build your organisation.  

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